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Deliver the story

Control the presentation's pace, context, and flow. No one gets to skip ahead.

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Effortless sharing

Make life easy for your clients and team members. Just share a web page link.

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No plugins or flash - just standard web.

Your presentation is simply a web page. Which means it works everywhere instantly.

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Hello, Creatives.
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Stop using PDF's to walk people through a presentation. Start using Black Tonic to control the presentation and deliver the story.

Your clients will never ask "What page are we on?" again.

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Black Tonic rocks hard... I think I'm addicted.

Jeff Foster
Business Development, Sandstrom Design

What I love about Black Tonic is how fast it is. There's no mucking about with installing new applications, finding codes, etc. It's just a quick click for the client and we're live.

Chase Reeves
Director of Marketing, Iterasi

I work with clients across the U.S. and Canada. Black Tonic allows me the control I need when presenting via phone, and my clients appreciate the clean presentation. The interface is incredibly intuitive and oh-so clean.

Genevieve Margherio
Owner, CD, Red Lemon Creative, Inc.

Beautiful simplicity! It's not common that web apps are this simple, and I love it.

Ian Cairns
Project Manager, Development Seed

Blacktonic has been a Godsend for me. The best part has been making changes and posting them while talking to the client. As we talk I can make changes, upload and ask "Is this more of what you're looking for?". This is the perfect thing for freelance designers.

Jennifer Wallace
Graphic and Web Designer, Freelance

Using Black Tonic is like being able to fold time without needing 1.21 jiggawatts of electricity. It gives you back hours in your day and creates a focused, personal experience for your client. I totally dig it.

Courtney Stubbert
Graphic Designer, Punch Graphic Design

14-Day Free Trial with sign up.

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